Fluke Biomedical ESA614 Electrical Safety Analyzer

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The ESA614 Electrical Safety Analyzer brings fast and simple automated testing in the form of a portable analyzer to healthcare technology professionals that perform electrical safety testing on medical equipment both in the field and in facilities. Whether it is simple testing or comprehensive analysis, the ESA614 can do it all. The ESA614 is an all-in-one solution with a safety analyzer and ECG simulator in a single electrical safety test instrument. Just set and forget it.

Key Features:
  • On-board automation with automated test sequences for easy compliance to NFPA 99
  • User-friendly interface for streamlined testing
  • ECG waveform tests and dual-lead measurements combine the functionality of a simulator and safety analyzer in a single test tool
  • Five applied parts jacks and easy ECG snap connection; optional expander box for up to 12-lead ECG testing